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Take one of Durkan’s patterns and make it your own.
Explore new color combinations, combine existing patterns
and borders and instantly see the results.

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Getting Started

To create an account, click ‘Create an Account’ button. Simply choose an account name and password. You’ll use the same account name and password no matter how many projects you’re working with on the site.

Managing Projects

Any projects you’ve previously saved will be listed here. Depending upon the type of project "Print" or "CYP", the project will be listed under the "Project List - Print" list or the "Project List - CYP" list.To create a new project,click on "Add Project", select the Project type "Print" or "CYP",type its name and click on "Create Project". You may also edit a project name by choosing the project and clicking on "Rename project". To remove a project, choose it from your list and click on "Delete project."

Adding Swatches

Select the project you’ll be working with. To add a pattern to your project,you can search for specific patterns by pattern ID number and add it to your project once it shows up on search results. You can also use advanced search by clicking on "Advanced Search".

If you would like to color the same pattern in multiple variations, please select the pattern multiple times.

Changing Colors

To begin working with color, click on a pattern swatch from your “selected swatches” area. The colors currently used in that pattern will be called out in numbered colored boxes. You can change any of these colors. Select one of the numbered boxes then either type in the desired Pom ID or click one of the "pom box" buttons and select a color. The pattern will change to reflect your color choice. You can choose to save your new pattern colors. For additional Colorization tips, please access the link at the top of the Colorization page.


Where applicable, a “Measure” button will appear at the bottom of the workspace. Click on the “Measure” button to begin.

Click with your mouse or touch inside the design pattern where you wish to initiate a measurement. Drag across the workspace to receive a width and height measurement in inches.

Requesting Strikeoffs

You can request a strikeoff of any of your project swatches, including those you’ve colorized or merged. When you select a swatch, simply fill out the requested information and click to email your request to us.

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